The film by director Berik Abishev won the first place in the nomination “Astana – the Heart of our Motherland” at the contest “Independence of Kazakhstan and Elbasy (Leader of Nation)”

About a film:

🎬The film has shown on the days of celebration of the 20th anniversary of Astana through the all central channels of the country. Among many other films and television programs, this personal project of Yerlan Bekkhozhin stands out for its unique performance. In film, the development of the main city of the country presented through the prism of its perception by the leaders of foreign countries and the fate of its ordinary inhabitants, whose opinions and assessments coincide surprisingly. The uniqueness of this project is also highlighted on the publication-reviews in the media, social networks, film views on websites and comments from online communities. Most importantly, the Head of State noted the film.

From our film you can learn a very interesting ancient Sumerian legend about the city of Ethan, a lot of other useful information, and also see the landscape views of the city that have not been used anywhere else. Soundtracks also will not be passed unnoticed.

🏆We would like to express our deep gratitude to all the judges, who appreciated the work of our creative team and, of course, many thanks to you, our dear viewers.

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December 2019
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